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In the relatively preserved part of Krušné hory lies Jáchymov a spa wedged between and famous for the original uniqueness of treatment based on radioactive springs.

Jáchymov was founded in 1516. At that time the last Czech silver mines were opened here and the Jáchymov tolar , whose name still lives in the US dolar, was struck in the local mint. The town flourished years it was the second most populated town in Bohemia right after Prague.
From the 1840´s uranium ore was processed in Jáchymov for the manufacture of days and varnishes. It was in the waste products from these that the Curies discovered polonium and radium. In the 1950´s Jáchymov became a vast concentration camp in which political prisoners mined uranium ore in extremely difficult conditions. The last uranium ore mine was closed in 1964.
The first curative spring was opened in 1864 in the Svornost pit. The first provisional Jáchymov spa was in operation already at the end of the 19th century. Since 1906 two groups of other springs are tapped which has contributed to Jáchymov´s entry into the family of world spas. Modern therapeutical methods which are today used in Jáchymov, such as baths in thermal water with a hight radon content, contribute towards improving the health state of people suffering from disorders of the motor tract , of the nervous systém and disorders of the metabolism.

The spa area is situated in the southerm part of the town. The northerm, upper part, is the former mining town. Of the architecturally significant buildings let us mention the Chuchr of St. Joachim, built in the years 1534 - 1540, the late Gothic town hall, the hospice chuchr of All Saints, the Baroque Chapel of St. John and the Royal Mint.
From the spa centre the visitor can walk to the bottom station ofthe cableway which will také him to Klínovec, the highest mountain in the Krušné hory mountains. Klínove offers a wide range of downhill ski runs for beginners and skilled athletes alike, it is also the starting point for cross - country runs. The viewing tower has been open since 1884 and in good weather it offers a lovely view of the entire Czech - German border area. 5 km from Jáchymov is Boží Dar, another popular winter sports centre, the highest located town in Bohemia a medieval mining town with unique architecture. Another popular place in the skiing season is the basalt mountain of Plešivec.

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